Spoiler: Don’t do everything at once

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Having a lot of interests makes you an interesting person and Jack of all trades, but you can quickly fall into decision paralysis when you want to get started.

I, for example like to take photos, make videos, earn my money through programming and UX Design, started a cooking show, want to write, love to read about philosophy and the list goes on.

Of course, I can’t do it all together and except you are a super human being, which you probably aren’t, you have to focus. One thing at the time.

When everything seems interesting, especially if you just heard about the new topic, you want everything in your life to be about that one thing and become the best at it. The key here is that you have to focus on only one task at the time. While this might seem obvious and easy for some, it can be a challenge to stick to it. If your mind is already occupied with previous projects, you either should finish those first or consciously say no to yourself on doing it and concentrate wholeheartedly on the new thing. …

When everyone tells you to keep working.

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Photo by Darya Skuratovich on Unsplash

You are probably reading this to get inspiration for something new or get stimulated while you wait for that magical spark to appear. I’ll tell you something, but you already know it. This spark will probably never come. All those self-help gurus and entrepreneurs telling you to keep hustling are telling the truth. You have to put in some work to achieve something. It’s like in Newton’s first law.

Daydreaming is great, but

It’s easy to come up with ideas in your head. You know the drill. You come up with an idea, spend the next few hours or days daydreaming about doing whatever you just thought about is the next billion dollar idea. …

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Let’s say you want to have themed background images on your website aswell as a different one depending on wether it is day or night.

Sure you could achieve this with javascript and just replace the background image. But this time I wanted to to this only via css.

These are the images we want.

I was (and still am) a daydreamer. My Evernote contains dozens of lists with unchecked todos for any subject you can imagine and countless “Next big thing” ideas, yet I’ve managed to learn how to get some things done.

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This could be you, but you’re already thinking of how to paint those pots — Photo by Roman Hinex

Reading blogs and procrastinating with potential idea generation doesn’t help you actually do stuff. It’s all fun and stuff thinking about your next big project, but how should you get there if you never actually create something?

It’s simple, just start.

Whatever you are daydreaming about pick the first thing that comes to your mind and just start. It doesn’t have to be a bestseller, gallery ready masterpiece or full-fledged app from day one and will never be and that’s okay. …


Thimo Pedersen

With a focus on possibilities I want to inspire you for new ideas, people and adventures, because I believe that there is a little artist in everyone.

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