I’ve finally ditched Evernote

Thimo Pedersen
2 min readJan 25, 2022
An Evernote promotional push notification in front of a screen with Notion in the background and a Stop Symbol on top.
No more promos for me. (photo credit: Unsplash/@sigmund)

When I started journaling, I needed an online tool to write my daily notes. Evernote was my program of choice 4 years ago. It was simple, had a mobile app and got the job done — in a for me, usable manner.

About a year ago was the first time I’ve heard about Notion. It felt like everyone was using it now and that it is THE best tool for writers and organizers.

I like organizing my life and have To-Do Lists for everything, and I mean EVERY THING. As soon as an idea pops up, it gets written down before I forget it a brief moment later. The iOS Reminder app was my preferred tool for doing so.

But since Evernote kept pumping notifications to upgrade my account to premium with a limited offer for the third time in the same month, it was enough. I finally gave Notion a try and…

It was awesome. I really like the internal links, Emojis and freedom you get. It always seemed like a cult, but it’s true. It really helps me to have everything in one place.

The transfer from Evernote was a quick and easy thing to do, and I would never go back. Templates help me to write similar content faster and the internal databases with different views let me have Trello, Reminders and Evernote all in the same place.

Another great thing is that I can use Notion as a database / CMS for apps that I create. As a frontend person with limited knowledge and interest in data structures and backend servers, this is perfect. How exactly my approach is will be another story.

The only downside for me is the missing offline mode, to write my journal without internet connection.

I’m also sure there are a lot of other great tools to do similar things — maybe even some of them better than Notion, but I’m happy with what I currently have.



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