Stop mental masturbation and get started for real.

When everyone tells you to keep working.

Thimo Pedersen
2 min readDec 10, 2020

You are probably reading this to get inspiration for something new or get stimulated while you wait for that magical spark to appear. I’ll tell you something, but you already know it. This spark will probably never come. All those self-help gurus and entrepreneurs telling you to keep hustling are telling the truth. You have to put in some work to achieve something. It’s like in Newton’s first law.

Daydreaming is great, but

It’s easy to come up with ideas in your head. You know the drill. You come up with an idea, spend the next few hours or days daydreaming about doing whatever you just thought about is the next billion dollar idea. You see yourself just hanging around not having to do a single thing and living the good life.

You know that you won’t get to this stage if you can’t even start and I hate to use that word, hustle for a while. Everyone tells you to keep working consistently. Work hard, believe in yourself. The believing part is not the problem. Don’t procrastinate reading so many self-help books and articles about how you just have to believe in yourself. That’s not the productive part.

Stop dreaming, start doing

I know it feels good to hear that you should do what you are already doing. I’m not saying you shouldn’t believe in yourself or take time off nor educate yourself. As simple as it seems, I just say that you won’t get anything done if you spend the rest of your life dreaming about the end.

This is a reminder. From the past me to the future you! I know, that you have so many unfinished projects. Pick one and bring it to a point where you can be proud of it and let it be or abandon it now.

But how do I know which topic to pick?

If you want to satisfy your heart: Imagine you only have so much time left to finish one thing before you die, what should be the final work you should be known for? Now work on that.

If it doesn’t matter, but you just want to check something off your To-Do list: Do the one where you already know how to do it but it seems kinda boring and you are just way too lazy to do any of the exhausting and monotone work. Make a cup of coffee and start. Right. Now.

Get out there, create something.



Thimo Pedersen

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